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Prophet Bennie laid hands on me in a church service spoke to my diabetes to leave my body in the name of Jesus and guess what it had to leave no diabetes for 4 years now tell me God doesn't heal.


- P. Cooper

Fort Smith AR

I had been hurting in my gut and arthritis in my joints and was hard of hearing Prophet Bennie prophesied God over my life and I received healing. I truly believe brother Bennie is a prophet of God.

- Victor D.

Rogers, AR

I've never met Prophetic Evangelist, Bennie Baker, but he sure read my mail last night! 

- Mary A.

Des Moines, IA

My sister went to revival with us tonight went up for prayer. She was believing for a miracle. After service we she told my wife she never knew if God was real, but tonight he moved on me, and I know God is real now! Let me tell you now, out of all the revivals I've been too and been blessed has been nothing compared to this, this is what it's all about, that's something to shout about!

- Mike C.

Locust Grove, OK

Last Thursday the Lord healed my neck sitting in the service while Prophet Bennie was ministering at church on Fire! I felt my neck pop as he was preaching, I felt amazing all weekend and I am still healed! Glory to God, thank you for your ministry.

- Tawanna W.

Oklahoma City, OK

I've had kidney stones for over a year. Since June of last year, I've had constant pain on my lower right kidney. I just got so used to it I had to live with it. I took pills daily for it too. Prophet Benie prayed for me last night in service and now, for the first time in over a year, the pain is gone, no pain whatsoever,

- Gerri B.

Garland, TX

Prophet Bennie, I attended service in Bentonville, AR. You were talking about what God told you. When u got to me, you looked in my eyes Said the Lord said I was going to be fine. as you put your hand on my stomach area, not knowing me. as you didn't know I have cirrhosis of liver cancer. I just received a report from my doctor that the cancer was in remission.

- Bentonville, AR

God gave me a miracle with my house! You prophesied that God was going to do a miracle in my physical house, and I held on to that Word. Recently a stranger came and handed us a check for our mortgage! He also said he was going to pay my medical debt that had from chemo a few years ago! How Great is our God! Thank you for obeying God and letting Him use you in the gift of prophecy! It was a God appointment that night I came there!

- Chris


"I came out to the revival, and I personally do not know you, except you came back to me and said, 'Mama, the devil is and has been trying to take you out, and that God has stopped it.' You said God was touching my body and the lining of my stomach, and then you said God was touching the tremors. Now, again, I don’t personally know you, and you don’t know me, so you have no idea I have a disability of head tremors. You called out the tremors, and also everything that you said to me that God said through you is right on. Everything that you said to my son has been 100 percent accurate. I wanted to encourage you and let you know that when God uses you, it's directly from Him and accurate. The Word is right on."

- Kathy B.


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